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Brother Randal's Ministries in Kansas(BRMKS) was founded to offer non-denominational, interfaith services that might not be available from the tradtional religious-church world. Many of the traditional "religious" organizations will not offer any service if you do not belong to either their denomination or organization. As we progressed, we found that a "ministry" is not only those expected things, but can be many different things, to many different people. defines "ministry" as the "service, functions, or profession of a minister of religion; the body or class of ministers of religion; clergy." We simply choose to define it as the services needed by those we serve, regardless of faith or belief.

Our services are open to any and all who might need them. Select "Brother Randal's Weddings & Services" above to enter our section providing the more familiar, "mainstream" services. These "mainstream" services include the familiar Christian-oriented services as well as non-religious services. Almost everyone is familiar with, or has attended, a traditional, mainstream ceremony.

Select "Brother Randal's Non-Traditional Services" above if you're more interested in something more spiritual or earth-related, such as Celtic or Wiccan, or any of the many other non-Christian religions of the world.

Select our "Event Planning for everyone" above for venue, event and other planning.

Our Ministry was formed to serve and support not only those individuals who might have a need for one of our services, but also to assist other like-minded organizations by supporting them in their missions.

Thank you for visiting our home on the Internet. We are here to help in any way if we can. We wish you all the blessings and favor of the Universe.

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